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Below are some of great Teamster Benefits offered to the members of Local 688, including:

  • Life
  • Home
  • Renters
  • GMAC Auto
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment*
*Upon completion of membership, Local 688 members receive no cost Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance through Anthem Income Life Insurance. Please visit: Teamster Benefits Page and/or Union Plus Website for additional Teamster benefit information.  
There is a one-time initiation fee that ALL members must pay. Following that, Local 688 dues are 2.5 times the hourly wage rate, plus an additional $1.00 rounded up to the nearest dollar, if your hourly wage is more than $11.00/hour. For example: Example A: If you make $10/hour, your monthly dues are (2.0 x $10) + $1 = $21.00/month for dues Example B: If you make $15/hour, your monthly dues are (2.5 x $15) + $1 = $39.00/month for dues Note: This is not an indication of the complete payment schedule or calculated totals for Local 688. Initiation fees, wages, and situations may vary.
Collective bargaining (also called, "contract negotiations") is the heart and soul of the labor movement. It is when workers band together to negotiate workplace matters with their employer. The end result is a collective bargaining agreement or contract that spells out in detail all of the terms both parties agree to, from pay rates to time off and more.
Contract specifics will vary based upon employers and worksites, but generally include: Wages, Hours, Safety, Discipline, Seniority, Union Security, Union Dues Collection, Grievance Procedures, etc.
The Business Agent is the union representative who acts on behalf of the employees in the collective bargaining unit.

The Steward is the go-to union representative on the job site. Stewards are elected each year to help enforce the contract and represent members on the shop floor. He or she assists in grievance procedures and keeping members informed.

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