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January 25, 2016

Whereas, Missouri’s Working Families continue to come under attack by wealthy corporate interests; and

Whereas, many of the members of the super majority party in the Missouri House and Missouri Senate, as well as statewide office holders and candidates, are funded by these extremists; and

Whereas, the same extremists continue to fund attacks on Working Families and Friends on both sides of the aisle in the state legislature; and

Whereas, these attacks have come in the form of newspaper ads, radio ads, billboards and social media ads; and

Whereas, it is time for the Labor Movement to stand up and fight back on behalf of Missouri’s Working Families, and our Friends in the legislature, who are weathering these attacks. It is time to take the fight to them, especially Tamko Building Supplies and their owner, David Humphreys, who continues to use his company profits to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund these mean-spirited attacks; and

Whereas, we must do all we can to negatively impact the finances of David Humphreys and others like him who target Missouri’s Working Families,

Now therefore be it resolved that the Greater St. Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO go on record to institute a boycott of Tamko Building Materials, headquartered in Joplin, Missouri. Further, we ask all affiliates to notify their International Unions of this action as well as the Greater St. Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO to notify all non-affiliated friends.

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