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November 3, 2015

Congrats to the winners of the text platform. In order to receive you gift cards we have a couple options to accommodate you!

Option one:  Attend the upcoming Steward Council meeting at Union Hall on Wednesday, November 18th6pm

Option two: Pick up your prize at Local 688 union hall during business hours (Kim Shatto 314-513-5819) to verify hours due to upcoming holidays


Winners listed HERE:

Jerry Cole
Luther Potts
Carrie Blair
Kelly Cooksey
Randy Long
Craig S Ulrich
Nicholas Wold
Deanna King
Brandin Burkhardi
Carl Balentine
Daniel Veliz
Derek wilson
Robin Millikan
Wayne Haas
William Lovelady
Veron Miller
Tanya Moore
Greg Burchett
Daniel Vaughn
Theresa Boyer
Anthony C Agwuedu
Travis Herring
Clay gaskill
James Kramer
David Roos
Chuck Blaylock
Gregory Holland
Chris hurst
Terence Green
Michael Daugherty
Jeff Jobst
Jim Barrett
K. Evans
Scott Hayden
John Kayser
Rob Myers
Dan Garrick
Tim huntebrinker
Bill Ptak
Patrick Locke
Steve Sambo
Barry Rudman
Dalton Jeffrey
Don Moses
George Hetlage
Don Plaisance
Roy Kinder
Jessica Mosbrucker
Michael Perez
Sean Crawford
Julie Bufalo
Brett Thomson
John Chanley
Jeff Hoffman
Eric Myers
Daniel P Mace
Shane Mckenna
Donney Benthal
Scott Hebel
Kyle Henley
Jody Howard
Jeff Tripp
Dorothee Mays
Jerry Jenkins
James Baker III
Brian Turner Sr.
Gene Arras
Ronnie Truitt
Gordon W. Cates
Marc Godwin
Deborah Wright
Jay Krueger
Debbie Wood
Michael Hodges






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