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Mike Goebel


Goebel began his Teamster career at United Parcel Service (UPS) as a part-time worker in 1973 and moved into package car driving in 1978. A union activist and strong member advocate on the shop floor, Local 688 hired Goebel as a Business Representative in January 1989. As business representative, he has represented members at UPS and in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing and healthcare. Goebel has been a national leader for Local 688 in the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, serving as Chairperson of the Teamster/UPS Missouri-Kansas Grievance Panel, UPS Joint Area Committee and UPS National Committee. He served on the Teamster National UPS Negotiating Committee (2002 and 2007) and UPS Central Conference Negotiating Committee in each of the last four contracts.

Goebel brings a forward-looking vision to his role as principal officer of Local 688. He said while Local 688’s history tells an impressive story of unity and strength, labor leaders must continue to ask tough questions to ensure yesterday’s success can be developed into relevance for today’s workers.

“It’s important to bring a fresh perspective to any organization,” Goebel said. “That’s what makes Local 688 a dynamic and progressive union.”

Teamsters Local 688 is making organizing a priority through strategic targeting, union partnerships and getting members involved. Goebel said organizing is every member’s responsibility because it is the best way to grow bargaining power.

“We’re developing a long-term plan that will protect Local 688 families for generations to come—leading the way in negotiating good contracts and helping workers organize as Teamsters,” Goebel said.

Goebel grew up in a union family: his father was Secretary-Treasurer of the Operating Engineers Union and his uncle and great-uncle were both involved in unions as well. He said those early experiences solidified a commitment to working families and creating a healthy middle class.

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